First Time Home Buyers

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Rent VS Buy Calculator


Why are you still renting when you can own a home instead ?

Your Current Rent Buys a Home Valued At*

$450  Buys $80,000 Home

$600  BUYS $106,600 Home

$700  BUYS $124,400 Home

$800  BUYS $142,100 Home

$900  BUYS $159,900 Home 

Payments are based on a 30 year fixed USDA Zero Down Mortgage, APR 5.976%. Rates are based on credit history and change daily. Payments do not include Taxes and insurance.


   If you are a new home buyer you have come to the right place. At Community Mortgage we make Home Buying Easy. We have many loan programs that will help you purchase your first home with ease. In fact you will wonder why you wasted all that money payng rent when you could have bought your own home.

   Some myths about home buying, You do not need a 5 or 10 year job to buy a home. To purchase a home we just need to show 2 years of steady employment. You do not need to be on your job 2 years, just 2 years of stable employment.

   You do not have to have a 700 credit score to buy a home. We are able to finance borrowers with no credit score if we can get a landlord rating, and some additional credit references like cell phone bill, insurance, ect. On FHA loans we can work with credit scores down to the 620 range for borrowers that had credit problems that were caused by problems beyond their control, job loss, illness, accident, ect. We are on your side at Community Mortgage. We do are best to see that you get Approved.   

   It is very important to contact us before you write your purchase agreement so we can help the Realtors get your Down Payment and closing costs written correctly in to your purchase for maximum benefits to you. We are experts in FHA lending and help new Home Buyers Every Day. Please let us Help you purchase your New Home. We look forward to working with you. 

Tax Credit: First time buyers may qualify for up to an $8,000 tax credit.

Zero Down: Many areas outside of Allen Co. will qualify for USDA Zero Financing. Please contact us for details on the program.This program will allow up to $5,000 in repairs and upgrades to the home you are purchasing. 

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